“1942” – [MIZ] x [BRE-Z]

I’ve never heard of MIZ or BRE-Z prior to this track, but “1942” has me sold. I’m an R&B fan at heart, both modern and traditional, and this track seems to blend the best qualities of all eras of the genre. MIZ is the grouped alter-ego of individual artist BRE-Z, and those who are hip to the scene are ecstatic. “1942” features a vintage 80s feel with modern qualities that make it a hit for listeners of all eras, and I can’t say there’s a group/artist I can compare the sound to. The instrumental, personally, is what makes the track have a vintage feel, as the loud synths and keys transport listeners back in time.

The visual is mesmerizing, and the masses on social media would say the same. This viral visual has found its success via social media, and there’s no question as to why. It’s a unique and simple concept, though there’s nothing “simple” about its production by NVZN Pictures. Amazing color scheme and lighting highlight the visual, but the choreography, dynamic movement, and fun props add to the energy just as well.

It’s an all-around exceptional track for anyone interested in R&B, and being that I’ve never heard BRE-Z or MIZ before, they’ll be on my radar going forward undoubtedly. The video on YouTube has 11K+ views in just a week so far, and I expect that number to keep rising drastically. Check out why below!