1636: The Second Chapter – [8matiklogan]

There is no secret that everyone in the music industry has some sort of story to be told, but it’s up to the artist to decide if it’s a past that they want to delve into or keep private. Even the emcees who pretty much only rap about drugs, money, and women have a story, but it just seems like they keep their cards closer to their chests for one reason or another.

I have gone on record saying that talents who share their past, their thoughts, and their inner monologue always have my utmost respect and attention because I barely like talking about those things with my closest friends, let alone the rest of the world. 8matiklogan is an emcee from Chicago who has been through a long journey, and while he has switched up styles throughout the years, I think the sound he landed on most recently is one that he should stick with, as it seems to be his bread and butter.

His brand-new album 1636: The Second Chapter is the long-awaited follow-up to his 2015 project 1636, and throughout this time, it is clear that he has matured and overcome some dark moments. What I greatly appreciate about this new project, though, is the fact that there is no hiding anything as he seems to lay it all out on the table regardless of what people may think, and I can only imagine that this acts as a bit of therapy for himself just as much as it can connect with others who may have been through similar struggles within their own lives.

For over an hour throughout 20 different songs, Logan has a blank canvas to paint with anything and everything that’s on his mind, and while it might not all sound flawless, nobody is perfect, and I think it’s the parts and narratives that are a little rough around the edges that I am completely drawn to more than anyone else because that’s where the character is. 1636: The Second Chapter isn’t just a follow-up, it’s a body of work that stands alone as well, and if there is one story you should make time to get in touch with, it’s 8matiklogan’s.