1636 Live at Reggies Rock Club

Reggie’s Rock Club is the place to be  tonight as widely known, Logan headlines his second show.  After previously sending Chicago up with the release of his highly sought out 1636 project, Log joined forces with the trending Hurt Everybody collective to drop another head turning track titled, YUNO.  After witnessing the impressive chemistry on the hit track, it’s clear to see why Hurt Everybody will also be performing at 1636 Live.  Logan is definitely ending the month with a bang as we prepare for his highly anticipated and soon to sell out show!  The madness doesn’t end there though – after the concert, the Mob will be teaming up with PREMO and Just Chicago to launch an unforgettable party featuring special guests DJ Oreo, Leather Corderoys and more!  All in one night, tonight, don’t miss out; minimal Tickets will be available at the door.