13th Floor – [Haviah Mighty]

With the outpouring of talented female emcee’s recently, there is no question that the frequency we see new and exciting artists that elevate the genre will continue to grow. Lyrical Lemonade covered the most recent single from Haviah Mighty’s outstanding album 13th Floor earlier this month After discovering her music recently I was more than excited when I saw she had a full-length project on the way. Going into this album, I had a high bar which Haviah exceeded greatly. Her music is incredibly personal and the contents of her lyrical content deliver a powerful message while packing a serious punch. Haviah Mighty’s best skill is her ability to create soundscapes that channel her wide array of influences and vocalize her experiences through her upbringing. This whole album exudes classic rap elements with a clear nod to her Carribean roots in the perfect blend of Music that has become the iconic sound out of Toronto’s buzzing rap scene.

Overall, her sound is incredibly developed and this album is a perfect display of Mighty’s ability to craft storylines over incredibly intricate verses from front to back on this album. Canada has had a lot of female artists step up their game in the past few years, after this release it would seem if Haviah has put herself ahead of the pack with an album that will stand the test of time. Each song on this project stood out to me in a different way, they all bring a different energy that as a whole creates a very well-crafted album. Music today has such a short timespan with listeners, an album that has legs and can be listened to for months or years after its release will always grab my attention. This is an album that I highly recommend listening to in the intended track listing as the story unfolds as the album plays through. You can find 13th Floor on all platforms here!