13LOOD 1N + 13LOOD OUT – [Denzel Curry] ft. [Ghostemane] [ZillaKami] [AK] & [Xavier Wulf]

Anyone who listens to Denzel Curry knows that a case doesn’t need to be made for him or his lyrical abilities because every single song he drops is absolutely fire. He can switch his tone of voice, style, vibe, and basically his whole personality to fit over any beat placed in front of him, and half the time he’s freestyling. When I saw that he dropped an almost 13-minute-long mix called “13LOOD 1N + 13LOOD OUT” featuring some of my favorite artists including Xavier Wulf, ZillaKami, Ghostemane and AK, I had to tune in.

Considering the length of the mix and the amount of times the style and beat switches up, it honestly feels like an entire EP in a single song. The major distortion and ferociousness over both the vocals and production give a grittiness that all of these artists know how to handle flawlessly. It’s incredible how everyone on this song belongs to the same if not similar subgenres of rap, but everyone sounds so different over the same exact beat. From Ghostemane’s high pitched screaming to ZillaKami’s low demonic delivery and everyone’s style within that spectrum, it’s incredible to see the versatility of each artist over the same beat. With every production change throughout, Denzel employs a new flow which adds up to about 5 different deliveries and rhyme schemes, some that we’ve heard before and some that are brand new.

This mix was everything I had hoped for when seeing the details about it and more. Other than Denzel, two of my favorite verses were delivered by the legends Xavier Wulf and Ghostemane, but I thoroughly enjoyed every single part, and everyone brought something distinctive to the song. I really hope that we continue getting more Denzel Curry surprises like this, but either way I plan on running this mix back a bunch of times to see all the artistry that may have slipped past me after my first listen. “13LOOD 1N + 13LOOD OUT” can be enjoyed or at least respected by everyone who’s even remotely into rap, so don’t miss out and give it a spin!

Words by Danny Adams