13 – [LUCKI]

In my eyes, LUCKI has been a legend for over a decade, and I don’t think I’m even close to being the only one who thinks that. Although he seemingly has a fanbase that’s even larger than the audience that most mainstream artists could even dream of, he has just always had this feeling as if he will never be considered mainstream, and while it’s a label that he deserves, it seems to be a label that he has never wanted in the first place. His pull and influence in this industry can be described by the fact that he not only saw his latest album FLAWLESS LIKE ME enter the Billboard 200 chart for the first time in his tenure, but it reached all the way up to #12 thanks to over 25,000 sales-equivalent units in the album’s first week alone.

Some haters will claim that this chart position can be credited to the fact that he featured Future and even Babyface Ray on the project, but the fact that he even got someone as notorious as Future to join him in his own world on the album should make it obvious enough that he is a force in this business, and he’s going nowhere but up, just as he has since the moment he began making music.

I have enjoyed this effort more times than I can count at this point, but I will never say no to new visuals to keep the momentum going, so when I saw that he dropped a Walker Flocker-directed video for his Brent Rambo and Toolbox-produced ode to the old James Harden “13”, I wasn’t going to miss out on the fun. This one follows suit with plenty of his other flicks, taking place in New York City while he was there for his performance at last month’s Rolling Loud music festival.

While there, he is shown investigating the subway, eating at luxurious restaurants, and even shutting down a part of the city with his album release party that took place in SoHo. LUCKI never resorts to embellishments or add-ons, mainly because he has never needed to in order to prove his dominance, and even though this video is fairly common practice for the Chicago icon, that doesn’t make it any less fantastic whatsoever.