12ozs (Remix)- [Warhol.SS] ft. [Xavier Wulf]

I’ve been a fan of Warhol.SS for years at this point and seeing him go from getting local buzz and a few large features to the level he’s at now is nothing short of incredible. His music itself has continuously gotten better both in terms of quality as well as his talent level in general, and I can only see him continue to progress.

Just when I thought that the classic hit “12ozs” that Warhol.SS put out around 2 years ago was going to be lost in his massive showcase of music, Xavier Wulf decided to jump on it for a remix, and he never disappoints so I knew I was in for a treat. F1lthy, who if you don’t know his name by now, you should educate yourself, produced this banger utilizing piercing hats and nasty instruments to create a vicious beat, to say the least. This is fully necessary when you have Warhol.SS and Xavier Wulf on a track because they both have a similar savage style that shines through on this track once again.

If you’re a fan of either artist or better yet both artists, this track will be sure to please you. It’s a walk down memory lane after so much time since the original dropped and Xavier Wulf provided a fresh addition to keep the classic song alive and as well as ever. Whether it’s been a while since you heard the original version of “12ozs” by Warhol.SS or it still pops up on your playlist after all this time, be sure to listen to the new spin Xavier Wulf gives it on the remix.

Words by Danny Adams