12 – [Jess Classic]

Poetic. It’s the only way to describe Buffalo rapper Jess Classic’s style. In a current industry full of filters, effects, and plug-ins, how refreshing it is to hear some raw lyricism in Jess’ new project “12”. His style is distinctive, in that you hardly hear anyone attempting to keep it as uncut as he does.

The 12-track project has its ebbs and flows of energy, switching up the feel from song to song, leaving the audience unsure of what they’ll hear next. Upon first listen, I could tell that Jess was selective in his choices of instrumentals. I think this is incredibly important and a major part of his sound, which definitely is one that blooms with a good beat.

Tracks like “John Snow,” “Thousand Years,” “Tom Brady,” “Heures D’Absence,” and “12” are all ones that stood out, largely due to the delivery, and the accompanying beats that allow him to gracefully float without effort. These favorites of mine were spread throughout the project, keeping me locked in through the whole tracklist. Others like “Ride Around Here” and “Career Killer” offer unique sounds that are ones I think will grow on me over time,  and that many with different listening preferences will gravitate toward immediately.

The album speaks largely of Jess’ experiences, struggles and triumphs through his long journey to his current point, with stories that make listeners connect with his words, something that the industry is also in desperate need of.

The effort and raw nature of Jess’ music doesn’t go unnoticed, with an impressive discography that’s spanned nearly a decade and has accumulated a solid fanbase that will likely propel him forward as his library continues to expand beyond his current audience. Stream 12 on Spotify below!