10:15 – [Wemmymo]

Chicago talent Wemmymo recently celebrated his birthday a few days ago and he was kind enough to gift his fans with a present, in the form of his brand new project titled “10:15”. If you are in tune with Wem then you know he always incorporates some sort of comedy sketches into his music, and this tape kicked off with a comedic skit that plays around the idea of Wemmy playing his new project in an Uber, avoiding an overzealous conversation with the driver in the process. The next seven songs provided were exactly what I was expecting, a nice mixture of well put together tracks with tons of melody & moments where Wemmymo just delivers nothing but straight bars, not to mention giving other artists a chance to shine with the features he handpicked. I’ve already ran through this entire tracklist at least a handful of times through, trust me when I say that this will be one of the best underground tapes you will hear this week. Stream this brand new project via Spotify below and if you like what you are hearing from the young Chicagoan then go ahead and give him a follow here!