100 Rounds – [Dro Kenji]

After connecting with some of the industry’s most talented tastemakers throughout the years in person, through social media, and various other ways, I’ve been put onto some incredible artists. While the amount of immense talent can be overwhelming at times due to all the incredibly promising up and comers, there are just certain artists that release even just a preview of their music and you immediately head to their SoundCloud to see what other hits they’ve made. Dro Kenji is the latest musician that comes to mind, and although there I couldn’t find a ton of information online about him, his music speaks for itself and anyone who tunes in will understand exactly what I mean.

After teaming up with Internet Money recently, his aptitudes have been leveled up remarkably, as most collaborators with IM can expect, and I can only imagine his price has skyrocketed ever since. Just the other day, he hopped on an incredible beat that was co-produced by none other than Nick Mira, oktanner, and OVRCZ, and they brought an instrumental to life that highlights Dro’s talents flawlessly. Poignant, moving guitar strums are elevated by rattling percussion and intense drums that combine for an insane beat, but Dro makes sure that his talents aren’t overshadowed in the slightest which is clear from the moment he begins singing.

As soon as you press play, Dro begins humming in an alto style that contains a slight hint of autotune that brings his already emotive voice to a specific place, unlike anything I’ve really ever heard before. Soon enough, he begins to sing the chorus, remaining consistent with his previously foreshadowed vocals although his cadence is brand-new, beginning strong and quick before ending each line even more powerfully, stretching his words out and squeezing every drop out of the simplistic effects on his naturally wonderful voice. As he comes in for his first verse, he tones down his enthusiasm slightly and shows another side of himself that is still extremely emotional yet more guarded.

Throughout this portion of the record, the naturally passionate qualities within his vocals, as well as his storytelling abilities, honestly gave me strong Juice WRLD vibes which is one of the highest compliments I can give out, especially for fans who know what kind of legacy Juice left behind at such a young age. As for his second verse, he begins quicker than ever before prior to slowing down once again, constantly rotating through so many different flows that almost acts as a highlight reel displaying his insane diversity as a musician. The way he is able to change his cadences and the intonation within his voice in the blink of an eye not only shows off his talents, but it also proves just how dexterous he can be, proving early on that there really isn’t anything I can think of off the top of my head that he won’t be able to do in music as he continues on in his blossoming young career.

Once again, after doing some searching online to find out more about Dro, I really couldn’t find anything except for his social media and the streaming platforms he’s on. However, I was able to find out that at the young age of 18, he’s got such a bright future ahead of him. He’s also from South Carolina, and although his style doesn’t fit in the typical mold of any regional sound that has become popular, he’s undoubtedly a standout from the coastal state. All I know is this track is one of the most moving, emotive records I’ve heard in recent memory and if he keeps making hits like this, he’s going to be renown from coast to coast in absolutely no time whatsoever. When it comes to an artist like Dro, it’s hard to even write about him because his music speaks for itself, as I’ve said before, and it’s difficult to explain his artistry with words in general. You just have to listen up to understand where I’m coming from, and “100 Rounds” is the perfect starting point to take you on a journey throughout his entire catalog as we wait for him to pump out even more hits.