10 Toes – [Fenix Flexin]

Ever since Fenix Flexing announced that he was going to venture off into his own solo career in music, I was a little bit sad considering Shoreline Mafia has always been one of my favorite West Coast groups, but I knew that Fenix was definitely going to have no problem holding his own and continuing the legacy that the mafia helped him establish.

Most recently, he decided to drop off a brand-new song entitled “10 Toes” as well as a wonderfully clean new music video to pair with it. This song, produced by the one and only West Coast hitmaker Low the Great, is the first single off of his upcoming solo project, and after hearing the record, my hopes couldn’t be any higher for a fully cohesive effort from Fenix. Low utilizes an extremely deep, bouncy, and vibrant bassline, some mysterious synths, and clean percussion to pave the way for a mysterious record that seems to place Fenix in the shadows, lurking around and taking care of business by his own rules.

When he comes in for the hook, his words just bounce effortlessly over the instrumental as only Fenix knows how. Once we arrive at his verse, he definitely switches up his cadence but remains as collected as ever, never rushing his words but rather remaining relaxed and tranquil, allowing each lyric to just roll off of his tongue in such a buttery manner. Beyond this, his lyrics are as creative as they are menacing, sometimes leaving you speechless because of their creativity while other times they can be just straight-up frightening.

As for the video, Fenix got Juddy Remix Dem productions to shoot this movie, and Juddy is a director I’ve become extremely familiar with due to their work with various Detroit artists that I’ve acquainted myself with throughout the past year or so. The visuals match the mysteriousness of the production perfectly, sometimes showing Fenix cruising around late at night with his posse, while other times his group parks and steps out of their cars to squad up and surround Fenix as he spits his bars. While no storyline might be obvious, the lyrics are undoubtedly backed up by certain shots back at their home where the counters are covered in cash, drugs, and weapons, supporting each and every claim that Fenix makes within his bars.

All in all, I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the moves that Fenix has made since branching out on his own. I was worried that his music would become too singular or repetitive, but I am so excited to admit how wrong I was considering every song he has put out has truly been a banger in every sense of the word. This record might just be my favorite considering one of my favorite producers made the beat and Fenix absolutely killed every single bar he spoke, so I’m definitely on the edge of my seat to see what he has up his sleeve on his upcoming project. For now, make sure you don’t miss out on Fenix Flexin’s most recent single “10 Toes”.