Thinking back a few years in Chicago, it’s tough to even imagine a better moment in this city’s musical history, and although it continues to progress and transform over the years, I think it’s safe to say that things will never be the same. I mean, Chance was as big as ever, Chief Keef already solidified his legacy, Durk, Bibby, Herb, and others were considered household names, and the underground artists here were truly making music unlike any other part of the world.

While I feel like this was my personal favorite moment in the Windy City’s existence, I do have to mention how BIGBODYFIJI is one of my personal favorite artists in the Windy City’s history as well. In terms of output, he has maybe become a bit scarcer, but in terms of originality and innovation, he is never anything less than a spectacle. At this point in time, I take any new FIJI music that I can, so when I saw that he recruited Chase Alex and the homie Dagz to produce his latest record “10 TOES”, I wasn’t about to miss out.

Per usual, the instrumental is as unusual as ever, clashing a sort of 808s synth vibe with a modern New York City drill rhythm that is honestly hard to describe, but it’s as compelling and creative as can be. In turn, FIJI shows off his one-of-a-kind vocals as he sings in a manner that seems effortlessly confident. As he sings, it comes off as if he half croons, half whispers, and the way his autotune and other vocal effects play off of his speech is completely addicting.

I never imagined that after so many years, BIGBODYFIJI would still be such a game-changer by any means, but I guess since he has been thinking outside of the box ever since his start, I shouldn’t be surprised whatsoever. “10 TOES” is the latest and greatest from the local legend, and considering there’s no telling when the next release is going to be upon us, I highly suggest you take some time to give this one a listen!