10 Pacc – [Sharc] [Pi’erre Bourne]

Fresh off of the release of his well-received album Slim’erre in collaboration with Atlanta native Young Nudy, it’s safe to say that Pi’erre Bourne is one of the most inventive and influential producers in music right now. As a producer and an artist, his legacy only grows by the day, but even so, Bourne has made it a point to stay tapped into emerging talent with his Soss House Records collective — an imprint of his own creation. Today, Soss House introduces the latest of the bunch: Queens, NY native Sharc with his brand new offering, “10 Pacc.”

Being that Bourne was raised in Queens, it’s worthy of mention that Sharc is the collective’s first New York artist, representing a meaningful cosign that directly represents the belief that Soss House possesses in Sharc. Needless to say, this cosign isn’t for no reason, as the Bourne-produced song “10 Pacc” clearly shows why Sharc is such an exciting young artist to pay attention to.

Energetic, rowdy, and outright enthralling, Sharc’s off-the-wall deliveries and quotable lyrics make him an easily-identifiable act in a world filled with look-alikes. The intensity of Bourne’s towering, out-of-this-world production matches up perfectly with Sharc’s tenacious character, and the fast-moving pace of the song is sure to highlight the appeal in such a colossal, unique sound.

That said, I’ve genuinely never heard anything quite like “10 Pacc,” but I hold the utmost confidence in saying that it only gets better every time I listen. Sharc is an incredibly entertaining artist to keep an eye on, and the larger-than-life presence of “10 Pacc” leads me to believe that this song deserves to be an undeniable hit.

Show some love to Soss House and check this one out below!