#1 – [King Isis]

An absolute favorite of mine and an extremely heavily rotated batch of songs I have in rotation currently comes from Oakland native King Isis. The burgeoning singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist serenades anyone who presses play on her music with warm vocals, intimate dissection of introspection, and a presence that is nothing short of captivating. Her three-track EP, entitled #1, is a gripping nine minutes. Filled with varying flavors that share the subtlest complementary contrasts, King Isis builds a world of blended Alternative Pop and R&B. Each song brings something unique to the EP as a whole. “FANTASEA,” an ominous kaleidoscope of introspection, “SPARKLY,” a left-of-center indie-pop declaration of comfortability and self-assurance, and finally, “HEARTACHE” a poised drum and bass lead exhibition of love’s toughest trials. The entirety of the short, but impactful EP is a brief story of intimate self-discovery with a backdrop of marveling production that truly shines a light on the talent and story King Isis has to share with the world. 

Listen to #1 by King Isis below.