We’ve been featuring a ton of newly-discovered talents on the Lyrical Lemonade pages over the past few weeks, and today, adding to the list is an artist by the name of JOSEPH L’ÉTRANGER with his new single, “02”. Energetic as ever and led by thunderous production, this release hits the ground running from the opening seconds. The rising talent takes no time in bringing forth his full, charismatic self to the mic, and by doing so, he gives listeners no option but to offer up their full, undivided attention as he absolutely spazzes over the hard-hitting instrumental. L’ÉTRANGER has some serious skills when it comes to rapping and he surely doesn’t let anything get in the way of this, so much so that “02” takes the status of a banger by every stretch of the word. Click play on the latest from the rising talent at the link provided below and keep this one on repeat all weekend long!