007 – [Rot Ken]

Although Atlanta always seems to get all the clout and recognition when a new southern artist comes out of the woodwork, which seems to be every single day, not every artist is from the Georgia capital. This goes for Augusta’s very own Rot Ken, a rising talent who is only 17 years old, and although this city might be better known for the most popular golf tournament in the world (The Masters), it’s also the second-largest city in the state, so you know that there have got to be some talented individuals immerging from there as well.

I might’ve just been put onto this young talent, but that doesn’t mean he’s new to others considering he has caught the eye of many prominent ears that are sure to help him get to the next level, and his most recent offering “007” is definitely going to have you bobbing your head and realizing why he’s beginning to gain some much-deserved traction with his music.

In this one, some very interesting and momentous synths are used in combination with a mischievous flute, rattling percussion, and pounding drums that are the perfect foundation for a trap anthem such as this one. As Ken goes in, he spits his words quickly and effortlessly, sometimes raising his pitch with the background flutes in a very intriguing and complementary way that shows off his awareness and dexterity very well. It can be hard to decipher some of his lyrics at times considering he’s so quick with his delivery that he has no choice but to mumble and under annunciate at times, but his flows are so smooth that you don’t even really think about this much.

Just a bit later, he totally elevates his enthusiasm and his vocal tone follows, screeching into the microphone as if his adrenaline is through the roof, and this recaptures your attention if you somehow even thought of getting distracted. From the very moment he began to spit, there are some obvious similarities to Lil Baby with both the way his voice sounds and his overall delivery, yet Ken has this certain gritty, underground vibe that helps differentiate himself from the Atlanta superstar.

Along with this song comes a Fuck Austyn-directed music video that is interesting, but it’s also very similar to many other videos you’ll see released by rising southern acts, so I think the main focus with this one should be the song itself and even more specifically, Ken’s unbelievable talents. While some rappers might not like the comparisons, I think Ken should feel honored to have a similar sound to Lil Baby considering Baby is legitimately one of the biggest stars in music currently, so I think that definitely bodes beyond well for the 17-year-old emcee. I have no question in my mind that he’s going to make it big and put his city on the map, but it’s just a matter of when, so familiarize yourself with the budding young rapper’s latest release “007” and see what you’ve been missing out on recently.