007 – [Li Heat]

The viral video pattern in the street rap universe appears, to me at least, to often go something like this. A young kid who is popular in his neighborhood or high school will record a track that will quickly turn to a viral hit amongst his friends and their friends and so on and so forth across their zip-codes and school districts until sometimes as quickly as a week and sometimes as long as several months the artist eventually gets around to shooting the music video and because of it’s local popularity it is not very difficult at all for them to get dozens and dozens of their friends and acquaintances to pour into the video’s set with the type of distinct high energy that can only be produced by teenagers, and in Birmingham, AL where our latest viral video for new artist Li Heat’s track “007,” there is an almost locker-room like energy after a big win amongst Heat and his friends as they shout the lyrics together in unison. This same trend seems to have held true in the case of Li Heat, with some notable differences I am sure, but he is certainly the latest youthful street sensation out of the Birmingham area, following behind TLE Cinco, Luh Soldier, Lil Bam, and most recently before Heat, Big Yavo.

One notable thing about this song and video is the change of instrumentals that happened due to the sample clearance issue of the original Taz produced instrumental which had a portion of the James Bond theme song, and while the beat Taz replaced the original with was hard nonetheless, it certainly lacked the original flavor that his first track had, which sincerely is one of the hardest beats I have ever heard. This is the latest in a string of Birmingham hits that Taz has been behind, as he also produced Big Yavo’s breakout track “No Pen,” EBE Savage’s electric “Savage,” and Tuscaloosa’s Tyrell whose latest track “Rocky” we covered last week. You can find the original beat in the SoundCloud link here, but the video is still very much worth checking out and you will see just why this visual has exploded so much over the past week or so.